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Zucchini bread & butter pickles
I did a mid-preserving season count last night, and was surprised to find I have processed 78 jars of food already (since May)! And this doesn't count frozen items.  It seems like a lot, and I remember a few years back when 100 preserved items TOTAL was my goal for the year. 

And then D was at the farm store, and the woman checking him out said she canned 50 jars of tomatoes yesterday.  See?  I'm not an over-achiever at all!    Most of my canning is done in batches of 3 to 7 jars, and only an hour or two of labor.  Once I get up to speed, have my equipment at the ready, and have a decent attitude (that one can be harder), it can be pretty painless.  This weekend I finished up a batch of applesauce while we had (unexpected) company, and I'm not sure they noticed! 

The world is full of tasks that seem hard from one perspectives, easy from another.

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  1. So true! I do think a lot of the difficulty in canning is getting everything out for the season, and finding your rhythm again. I managed to can 9 pints of tomato sauce yesterday with no electricity and didn't really feel like it was a challenge -- more like a welcome distraction.

    What are you canning?

  2. Wow, that's awesome, though I guess if you're stuck inside it makes sense! And you're not alone, somewhere on-line I saw it referred to as "Huricanning" :)

    Hmm, lots of pickles here at the start of the season, and I tried pickling eggplant and other veggies that we had too many of! Now tomatoes, our peppers are running late so just plain stuff at first, and now a little bit of salsa. Oh and applesauce--I'm debating doing some apples for pie too, but not sure whether to freeze or can?

  3. So: D *told* you about a woman checking him out at the feed store? Hah!

    Yes, one little jar at a time and blammo, full shelves of the stuff.

    Glad to hear you're okay, Ali. And still canning w/o electricity! When you gotta you gotta.

    I'm deep in tomato madness right now but I know myself: I will pull them all in about a month. This too shall pass!

  4. Hah is right! Actually, he was getting the car fixed, killing time in the canning aisle checking jar prices :) If only she knew what a able canning accomplice (or is it enabler?) he is, I'd really be in trouble!

  5. Oh, that kind of "checking him out." I thought that at first then decided he meant a cashier/checker. If it ever got out about his prowess as an accomplice, he would really be popular.

    My mother canned 50+ cans in a day and was exhausted for a week. An elderly lady was canning when I went to her house--just a few jars at a time. So, I learned a less strenuous way to can. Besides, here I was, thinking a person had to have several bushels in order to can. Silly me!


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