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This idea has been in the works since before we even purchased the side lot.  But you know how it is...
D gets all the credit for this one:  he completely improvised the design based on materials we had on hand. He was able to build the entire thing using the fence that we took down on the old lot line, as well as some "inherited" wood passed to us from a neighbor.  The only items we had to purchase were a couple of boxes of screws and one board for $1.80 at the habitat re-store. 

It's not fancy home & garden magazine material, but we can now safely hike up that hill to the new garden with ease! 

In other news.  Apples.  More Grapes.  Tomatoes.  Zucchini.  Eggplant. 

I am, as always, awed by the amount of produce that comes out of this little city lot.  I get a little overwhelmed, and a bit cornball about it--but it's a privilege to have this abundance every August.  I try to do it justice. 

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  1. And isn't it crazy that you've barely scratched the surface of your yard's true production? (I mean hey I still see grass!) Now if that doesn't humble you and/or send you screaming I don't know what will. I love the steps, that should make life a lot more easy during Mud Season.

    I'm woefully behind on comments. It's a sh*t year for squash for me, even I am envious! those tomatoes on your header though look divine.

  2. And didja notice the pickles in the background of the tomato photo? I just finished my first batches and they are so very good. Makes me more hopeful my second round of cukes will have time to explode this year!

    Yep, I just keep thinking, that's just one apple tree. ANYBODY can have one apple tree. But what if I had three? Yikes!

  3. Love the steps and the clever re-use. A buck eighty invested--Thoreau would be proud. Also love the dog on steps shot. Is that a fence in the background?


  4. Thanks Brett. Congrats on the book by the way!

    The dog loves the steps, it's a good vantage point for chipmunk hunting!

    Yes, that's the neighbor's cedar fence, it's a nice backdrop. Apropos: the original fence when we moved in was built out of recycled barn boards. It was kind of quirky but endearing, though it eventually started falling apart, and we were glad they chose a nice looking replacement since it's kind of a prominent feature in our backyard!


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