well lookee here

3-dimensions!  And look at that sky.

This week we had a mini heat-wave, with a high of 92 Thursday, and days later we have catapulted into fall weather with a high of 66!  Nothing like a radical temperature shift to inspire you to finish fall projects!

We started of visiting one of our favorite perennial nurseries on a mission:  to look at various hoop details.  They use high tunnels in a large array, so we were able to look at construction methods. 

we liked how they made their end walls, though we won't use polycarbonate, at least at this point.

Some of us our visual learners around here!  We headed for home in the rain and Sunday got to work.  We have all the hoops up, the purlin set and leveled, and while I was on a grape mission* D put the side boards in place.  Next up is end walls and a door, and when the weather really starts turning we'll be ready for the cover!  I suppose it will be sooner than we think.

I had somewhat caught up on tomatoes, and took a lovely 3 days off during the hot spell.  Yesterday I should have started back up--but oh well! 

*Have I mentioned the grape cooperative?  I have a neighborhood "fruit broker" who shares her grapes with us (she is in her 80s, so we swap labor for shared juice).  She called with a lead on more grapes from another friend of hers around the block, so now I have a few more pounds of those to juice, and more to sort through today. And more ripe ones to pick at her house!

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  1. I like the looks of those end walls, too. Ours were made to take advantage of re-used materials, and will change again at some point as I've scored another cast-off combination aluminum window to go in the entry end. But when we someday get a bigger hoophouse....

    I am so excited for you! I just love mine, even though I never manage to take full advantage of it. I am sure you'll love it, especially in February when you go in and see things beginning to grow, and smell the damp, warming earth.


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