I've said in the past, that I get tired of participating in a system that rewards the wrong people for the wrong behavior. But what do you invest in?

When it became apparent the real estate market was uncertain, and that it would be best just to stay put for a while in our little homestead, we opted for a little investment in our own lives.  We fixed a few things that had needed it for a while (windows, doors, floors) and finally took the leap to purchase the side lot adjacent to us. 

To us, our home isn't a financial investment, it's the place we live, and the place we DO things.  Yes, there are financial benefits and pitfalls to owning it, but its VALUE to us is what we give to it and get from it.  Our base of operations.  Home.

So now we're investing again, lots of hard work and materials and planning.  After a long winter of politics and cold weather I'm happy to just be using new muscles and brain power.

And we're doing pretty well on that consumer diet issue.  We've rediscovered a fantastic local lumber store that has great service and selection, and have been utilizing municipal compost and mulch, and our local habitat re-store for recycled bits. 

New kitchen drink station, the top is made from laminated oak stair treads from the Re-Store! (drawers are still in progress)

 Not that we're doing this sans cash, it's quite the pricey month around here.  But in the priceless category, one more material posession to share: 

My potter friend brought this over when picking up eggs last week.  It's a fermenting crock, about a gallon size.  And his artistry speaks for itself.  I'm thinking it will take a lot of eggs to exchange for this....

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  1. W O W !

    That's a crock.

  2. ps, nice work on the drink station! Repurposing makes that work fun and interesting, IMO.

  3. I love that crock too Sara. Yum! And have fun with all that great work outdoors.

  4. Thanks all! I love the crock too, I hope I can do it justice! :) Year of the pickle 2.0 I hope!


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