We are finally making headway now.  Our wood order was delivered around 3 on Wednesday, and we had 4 holes dug and posts set by 7 or so that night!  Yesterday, we added the dog-eared pieces. 

This is the back corner of our (now extended!) lot, and there is a public walkway running to the street behind us.  This first section of privacy fence will obscure the view down into our main yard, and also make the coming hoop house a little less obtrusive to the neighbors.  The remaining fencing will be only 4 feet and much more open feeling. Overall the lot faces mostly South, the new fence is on the West side.

So garden design, which of course has been ongoing, is adjusting a bit to the feel of the new space.  The hoop house will be centered in the back, with about 6 feet of clearance to the fences.  We have an overgrown raspberry patch in this area, which is being tamed a bit to run behind the hoop and along the older fence.  I think raspberries should be able to handle the slightly shaded conditions.

I am planning beds alongside the new fence as well, but not sure how shady it will be.  We don't have a lot of experience with shade in our crazy sunny yard, so this is a new one for us.  Possible options are just to have compost bins there, or it might be good for asparagus or summertime greens?  Climbing beans?

Also a logistics issue is water. Our current and only exterior faucet is WAY down that hill, on the far side of our house (you can barely see behind our garage...which yes, is at eye level here, its quite a hill).   Long-term, we'd like to add another faucet, but for this year at least we'll just be running hose or creating a holding tank.  Any suggestions for favorite quick-release extenders for hoses, or alternative ideas?

So much to do, and the gulf between the neat potager garden of my dreams and the chaotic messy garden of reality is great.  So off the computer I should go, and get to work.

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  1. Our veggie garden is about 100 feet from the hose bib, so we ran black plastic pipe. I know, PVC is evil, but perfect is the enemy of good. The virtue of this is that we buried the black plastic where it crosses the lawn, making it easier to mow, and resulting in less hose to drag around.

    We created a spigot area to connect the hose to in a more convenient spot, bringing the plastic up out of the ground and connecting it to a post, with a hose bib. I even have the black plastic pipe going into the hoop house, where I use one of those self-coiling hoses, which is perfect for that application. I can try and post some pics.

    And I'll ask Dan about the hose connectors, which are so useful. But now, off to a B-day celebration!

  2. All good ideas, thanks! I had thought of running hose to a second spigot in summertime, but hadn't thought of partially burying pipe. Sounds do-able.

    I think I've seen the coiling hose in one of your pictures, it does sound ideal for inside the hoop.


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