that darn rabbit!

Lots going on here, too many projects at once!  We are plugging away, and I'm trying to take pictures to update here once in a while, but you know how it is this time of year.

But this seemed worth sharing briefly:

I've been seeing this rabbit in our main veggie garden.  A lot. The dog has chased her several times, but she hasn't seemed to do much damage.    A little slow on the uptake, it finally dawned on me that if she wasn't there to EAT, she must be there for other purposes.

So we did a check, looking under the rhubarb plant, examining the heavily mulched garlic (that's a favorite spot), and didn't find any nests.

Today I am pulling off row cover and valuating my main greens bed, looking at the about-to-bolt spinach, and seeing what all I need to harvest (soon!) in order to plant tomatoes in there in the next week or so.  I bend down to pick up a little tuft of dry grass, and it MOVED.

For heaven's sake, she nested right in the center of my garden!  In a hoop!  It's clever really, our yard is not very friendly to predators, it's fenced for the dog and chickens, and the garden fence mainly keeps those two critters out. 

now that I look at it, there is kind of a bare spot...nest is center left along the edge. Right next to that lovely patch of lettuce, must be so convenient when she's feeding them...

But what to do?  I've had them in my herb garden before, and just held off harvesting the nearest plant until they left the nest.  But this is my main tomato bed!  Oh well, maybe if I disturb them enough she'll move them.  Maybe I'll go pick that spinach after all....

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  1. Sara, we had a rabbit nest in our backyard last year--I mean our tiny St Paul backyard, where two wirehaired pointing griffons roam, and it was practically in the middle of the yard, by the root of an arbor vitae tree. When the dogs did discover it, well, that was that--they didn't get the babies, but I had to deal with it.

    Rabbits did a lot of damage at our Wisconsin land this winter--in spite of the fact that we kept them well-fed with sunflower seeds from the bird feeder, they still girdled many small maple trees around the cabin. We will be eating more rabbit stew this year....

    Good luck with your bunny situation. I'll be curious to see how that turns out.



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