At last

Finally planting here. Most (but not quite all) of the main summer crops (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants).

And finally feeling like we're making headway on this garden expansion.  Four main beds are built and filled/amended.  3 more are framed and in progress.  D built two gates today, and we should finish fencing off the garden area tomorrow. 

Now to the prettying:  grading, mulch, misc. tweaking, and the return to maintaining ALL the other garden areas that have been neglected in the meantime.  Lots of weeding and mulching to do. 

And some eating.

spinach, kale, lettuce nearly out of control, and a forest of cilantro...

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  1. Lot's of progress! It is looking good. I'd love to see more photos, just to compare our set-ups.

    The end of the hoophouse will be pretty close to the fence. Will you have anything planted there? WHat is the orientation of the layout?

    Love the cilantro forest, mine has been slug munched to death, the slugs seem to love it, sigh.

  2. PS, so glad the bad weather stayed away. It has been a crazy spring, weather-wise. I hope it settles down to somewhat normal soon, for all of us.

  3. Thanks! I will try to get more overall pictures, it's kind of hard to get it all. The entire space is about 32 x 22+ feet, and faces mostly south on the downward slope.

    The hoop base is about 7 feet from both sides of the back corner, and there are raspberries behind it. I think they should do okay in that location. You can see the side beds in today's post :)

    Yessir on the weather, it's been an odd spring but you just can't complain when other folks have it so hard.


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