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Took a day off for one more day of hard labor, ha.

Today we finished the fencing and three new beds along the fenceline, and built a new composter!  All our new beds are based on a 3 x 6 design, and the composter is 3 x 3.  So, the plan is to move it every year or so as part of our crop rotation.

For the main bed additions, we actually did a formal double-dig, which buried the creeping-sod as we went along.  Those beds have some lovely soil--a mix of clay and topsoil, and supplemented with municipal* compost and a little peat moss.  These three side beds we used a quicker (ie half-assed) semi-lasagna method:  The bottoms are lined with extra sod, then they were topped with half-finished compost from a temporary pile (lots of fall leaves) and then topped off with city compost.   It will be interesting to see how the beds compare, though I am using the less-developed beds for things like zucchini which I figure if impaired or stunted somehow would be a good thing!  I may also plant beans, as sort of a edible cover crop to improve the soil.  I know by next spring these will be in good shape. 

* Our city collects leaves and yard waste and makes really good sifted compost, available for free or a nominal fee (3-5 bucks!) if they load it for you.  It potentially could have stuff like grass clippings from treated lawns.  We mostly try to use our own compost (as we know where it comes from), but this is great for filler and when we're expanding.  Mostly it's great stuff, keeps lawn waste out of the landfill and lakes, and I consider it a benefit of city taxes!  ;) 

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  1. Love the composter idea. Every spring we see the grass under the winter composter out-competing the neighboring grass. I think you've hit on a good idea for soil improvement.

    They layout looks good, intensive yet manageable. It has me drooling for a larger hoophouse. And more time, of course, there's never enough of that.

  2. The hoop is only 10 x 12, I think it's pretty similar to yours? For me this layout is pretty spacious, which is funny. My first garden has really tight paths and becomes a jungle in full summer!


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