hoop doings

More progress, another long weekend.  

We pounded the side poles in, and I got to learn how to drill screws into metal for the first time, a fun new skill :)

Monday I filled the beds.  I had reserved an adjacent 4 x 8 bed for this purpose last fall, and added piles of compost before winter. Somehow this and some soil from the fence post holes mostly filled the 2 main hoop-house beds.  It may sink down a bit!  Also added hardware cloth around 2 edges so far, to keep out voles. Will eventually do all the sides, and back fill a bit.
check out the BIG stone we dug out, no wonder post 3 stopped 10 inches in, sigh...
 Had some grass clippings available too, so I went ahead and started to mulch.  Now I have to figure out what to plant!
Just starting to get shade late in the afternoon.  The last bed on the end will come later as more soil is available.  It's a little easier to work around for now.
For a bit this will stay as-is, as we prioritize other garden beds. We will probably hold off putting the plastic up until early fall.  Our thinking was:  A)  less watering for this season, especially since our hose logistics aren't worked out yet;  B) one less summer of sun damage to the cover, and C) Just too many things still left to do!

We have pretty warm summers here, so it's not a real need, except for wishing I had it up 6 weeks ago for our coooool spring (we had two nights with frost advisories this week).

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  1. great progress!

    I never put the plastic up until the first snowfall at least. Don't repeat my madness though!

    Also, mulching: do what you can now to improve those beds' soil. I don't mulch in my greenhouses though because mulch hides sowbugs, which are plain AWFUL at this time of year b/c they do in all your weak seedlings. It seems counterintuitive but mulch just plain doesn't work well "indoors."

  2. Hoping for a little sooner than the first snow, but you never know!

    Thanks for the mulch tip. The plan is to get this soil in the best shape possible before going under cover.


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