something bright on a grey day

Look what arrived here this week:

 I fell for the eggplant, but now that they've arrived I'm quite fond the onions.  I'm thinking an apron is in my future!  And maybe some hot pads. It's quilting cotton, though quite heavy, and the prints are LARGE, which is fun.

It's Hoodie's collection for Blank Quilting fabrics.  They're kind of hard to find in stores, but I found an etsy shop in Milwaukee who carried it!

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  1. Very mod, as my mom would say!

    A couple of years ago I made some pot holders based on ones I saw at my friend's place in France. They're about a foot square, and one has that prequilted fabric, the other does not (but I sewed in a washcloth). I mention this not to brag about my nonexistent sewing skillz but that the one thing I really like about them is that there's a buttonhole in one corner. No dumb little tab to hang them that always gets dragged through the food or gets burned. It's an improvement!

    That said, they go nowhere near my outdoor oven. Sheesh. Too hot, even for them. But indoors they're big enough to pull a large pan out of the oven without worry.

    good luck with your winter project! how fitting.

  2. That's kind of a cool idea. And you could add a button to, say, your APRON, and pop them on.

    We have welding gloves for the mud oven, ha. So have you singed your eyelashes yet? (yes, we have)


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