Dark Days week 6

The obligatory Breakfast-for-dinner post.

Eggs are coming fast and furious, and make for a quick dinner.  I was also using up some market potatoes that weren't going to store much longer, and some leftover toppings from pizza night.  Ah January, the month of frugal meals.

Omelets:  backyard eggs, a little sassy cow milk, stuffed with hooks cheddar cheese, homegrown pepper slices (frozen), market onions and some leftover mushroom slices from 'za night.  Topped with homegrown/home canned salsa.

Toast:  WW sourdough bread, WI butter, homemade strawberry balsamic jam (u-pick berries).

Pecatonica Valley Bacon

Cottage fried potatoes:  market red potatoes, cubed and fried with red onions and homegrown garlic in a mix of butter and bacon grease.  Ran out of garlic and too lazy to go back in the basement for more, so added a chunk of garlic scape pesto from the upstairs freezer.  Mmm.

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