Really, shouldn't this holiday be celebrated the last weekend before the first frost?

clockwise starting from the tub of serranos:  poblanos, jalapenos, peaceworks bell peppers and marconi long bells, cayenne, cukes, and eggplants...and banana bills in the center.

I mean, really, wouldn't that that the big come-and-get-it week?  (Might as well share with the pilgrims as we can't eat it all and don't have a deep freeze?)

When I hit the motherlode of banana peppers hiding behind a tomato plant that I had just pulled out...I almost had tears in my eyes.  I was just so grateful.  For the sunshine, for our long summer growing days here up North, for the fact that we found an affordable house with a big, sunny, south-facing yard.  For 12 years of compost (and the old man who lived here before us who gardened and must have also fed this soil). For the lessons I've learned over the years that make this not even that hard anymore. 

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  1. Goodness, what will you do with them all? I wonder this myself: the counter has about 12 green bells and I am wondering what the heck to do with them all. All the hot ones, well, I have no clue.

    I suppose I could make hot sauce with the hot ones...

    And I hope you picked them for nothing, that it stays warm for you a while yet!

  2. I see chile rellenos in my near future, and will freeze a lot of them. I love how you can freeze hot peppers whole (easiest preservation method ever!) but don't need more than a dozen, really, I'm looking for hot pepper recipes this morning. Maybe a curry paste?

    Also wondering if you could stuff Jalapenos with cream cheese before freezing, to make those bacon poppers that are a huge hit to the other half of my family ;)


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