when life gives you chiles....

make chile rellenos!  These were awesome.

I used a sauce recipe from here, also looked at a Rick Bayless recipe that was very similar.  Fresh tomatoes, some of the last of our puny onions, garlic, jalapenos and serrano peppers, broth, and a little cinnamon.

The chiles are from Bittman's HTCE, but is pretty much like every other recipe out there.  I grilled a bunch of poblano peppers today (extras will be frozen) and chose the biggest and easiest to peel for dinner.  One tip I found useful is to chill the stuffed peppers before frying, it really helps them hold together for the battering and frying (even when they were a bit ragged from the stuffing process). 

Red Rice (a Gourmet recipe) on the side, made with more of our tomatoes, garlic and onions, 3 more serranos, a carrot, some frozen sweet corn, and cilantro.  Everything but the corn and rice was from our yard.

We made it through three frosty nights without a problem in our protected yard this week, and now have lovely weather on the horizon.  It was a bit of a chilly ride to work in the mornings, but I did get to see these--seems worth it.

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  1. That does it, I need to grow anchos next year. I just had breakfast and I'm drooling!

    What variety did you grow? I need to find a Maine friendly variety, since I don't have those long hot Midwestern summers (and really, I don't miss the Peoria summers!)

  2. They've always been fairly easy for me to grow (maybe just lucky!). These are "Ancho Gigantea" from Seed Savers.

    Peoria (IL)? How'd you make it to Maine? :)

  3. The question should really be how'd I make it to Peoria! I'm a Maine native who couldn't wait to shake the Maine soil off my heels, and followed a good scholarship to Bradley. But when I got there, I quickly realized Maine was the place I wanted to live.

    Thanks for the ancho info, I'm already starting my seed list....


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