Operation June Tomato

Just for fun, I planted a couple of tomatoes way early in February.  Yesterday I planted on out, just about one month ahead of schedule.  To  assist in my risk management, I grew this variety:

Jung's Siberian
Our earliest tomato - only 8 weeks from transplant to fruits. Capable of setting fruits when temps are as low as 38 F. Egg-shaped 2 to 3 inch fruits are bright red with strong tomato flavor that's so welcome from the first tomatoes of the season. Fruits are produced in clusters of 30 or more on small, bushy, determinate plants.
 I did this last year too, only in a container instead.  The plant did okay, but was stressed a lot, so I am trying this instead!  I don't need my major tomato crop to come in June, but a few fruit for salads would be fun. 

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