I'm not sure what to do here after the DD challenge ended, but this meal seemed worth talking about.  We've been meaning to make this during the challenge, but it got put off due to laziness mostly. 

And there are so many veggie lasagna recipes out there, kind of overwhelming.  I decided to follow the "template" of my favorite meat version, that layers bechamel sauce with bolognese.  So instead of the meat version, I made more of a ragout out of frozen zucchini, eggplant, and green peppers, some onions, and a jar of crushed tomatoes.  Added a frozen scoop of pesto and some fresh oregano (something had to come out of the spring garden!).  Bechamel was made from Sassy Cow milk, and then everything was layered with some Farmer John's parm and some ubiquitous WI mozz.

The sauce was a bit chunkier than ideal, and next time I'd like to increase the proportion of veggie sauce to white sauce.  But it tasted great.  And I should add this was our first time making fresh lasagna noodles, I confess I've ONLY used pre-boiled no-cook ones before!  So that was a revelation, they are SO good and worth the time if you have it.  And what the heck, you're making lasagna, might as well go all out.  And note to self, make enough for two next time and freeze one...

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  1. would you share your recipe for your lasagna noodles? I haven't made pasta before, but with proper encouragement and instruction, would love to give it a shot.

  2. Gee, I just use the basic egg pasta recipe from an old italian cookbook: 2 eggs, one cup flour, salt. There's tons of instructions on-line. I do love my pasta machine, as it's fast and consistent, but I used to make plain old rustic noodles using this recipe:
    And those come out fine. My only suggestion would be to roll thinner than you think, as they puff up a bit when cooked.


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