We had our first homegrown salad of the season today.  Simple and delicious.

Another first:

In my master gardener class last year I learned that rhubarb is relatively high in vitamin C.  So historically its early arrival was much appreciated here in Northern climates when folks were truly hurting for fresh fruits (and their vitamins!) by this time of year.  We still appreciate it, but perhaps for different reasons :)

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  1. I think this year I could have gotten away with this!! The weather has been so strange. If it works out for you, I just may give it a go for next year.

  2. Yeah I keep thinking I'm finally getting the hang of my early season gardening this year, but I think I'm just benefiting from the weather!

    So far a few nights around 30 and the tomato is hanging in there! I think the problem is going to be not cooking him in the afternoons...


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