lazy night - dark days week 12

Remember August? When you had to plan every meal around the ripe veggies in your yard--and you were almost tired of thinking up combos of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, zukes and peppers? Well, thanks to my freezer inventory I'm having similar meals now.

A hard week here...and we're not much in the mood for cooking. Maybe I'll have a better meal to post this weekend but this one was almost entirely home grown...
I pulled a bag of tomato sauce out of the freezer. Made from homegrown tomatoes, most likely our own onions too at that point, plus our garlic, and herbs from right out back. I threw this in a sauce pan with handfuls of eggplant, yellow zucchini, and chopped peppers. In another pot I boiled water to use up the last of week 10's bow tie pasta. I had also located the last of the foccacia in the freezer (I know, I use it every week--but it's so good I think I'm going to make more!) and popped some of that in the toaster.

Half an hour or less later, and we had a fresh-tasting pasta dish with crunchy bread. A few shavings of Farmer John's parm on top and we were good to go.
I forgot a here's one from the summertime with the ingredients used!

Humorously, I looked at the date on the tomato sauce bag and cross-referenced to the same day on i-Photo, and found this:

Those were the days, HA.

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