dark days week eleven - chili

This week I inventoried the freezer, and realized what the priorities were to use up. Green beans and zucchini are the big ones, and those went into a tagine earlier in the week--also more precious eggplant in that one. But I also had sweet corn and plenty of peppers.

I soaked and cooked our remaining black beans this week with the intention of a veggie/black bean/sweet potato mexican dish, but plans change and it turned into chili. I have to admit there is a few ounces of leftover non-local ground turkey in there, (honestly it would have been fine without it, but it was on-hand and needed using). The remainder of the ingredients except for seasonings were all local and mostly home grown: market onions, homegrown garlic, frozen sweet corn and sweet peppers from this summer, and home canned homegrown tomatoes. Oh, and the black beans of course. One of the nice things about freezing your own fresh veggies is the prep work is done--I have peppers pre-chopped in various shapes and sizes and they just get a wack on the counter to separate and then they go in the pot. Fast food.

A wedge of Wisconsin cheddar and homemade yogurt for garnish.

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  1. Freezer meals! I agree, the slicing and freezing that we do in the summer surely comes in handy now :-) Chili is so versatile, it works with whatever the freezer gives.

  2. Ooh, I could go for a bowl or two of that!

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