DD week 13...

Hopefully my freezer meals aren't too boring. I didn't really plan this to be a DD meal, but once it was on my plate I realized it was pretty close to all local. Plus I was rather enamored with the slaw...

So who hasn't seen the "freezer slaw" recipe in the Ball Blue book and doubted it's value? It just seemed weird to me, but this summer, after consuming a large quantity of homegrown cabbage and still having a remaining head, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it out. We had 3 or 4 tubs in the freezer, and each time we use it I am tickled....yes PINK. I used a purple cabbage, and combined with homegrown green peppers, red onions and orange carrots it is extremely pretty and the taste and crunch is awesome in mid-February. It may not be the most exciting slaw recipe (a little heavy on the sugar) but it sure hits the spot this time of year.

The slaw came out to go with some pulled pork (from the neighborhood family -owned butcher shop--but the meat itself may not be strictly SOLE) that we had slow-cooked this fall. I thought it was seasoned already, but it turned out to be plain*. So, with a quick recipezaar search I discovered a barbecue sauce with ingredients we had on hand: organic ketchup, maple syrup from the farmers market, ACV, and red pepper.

Buns were home made challah bread with backyard eggs. And I used up the last of some market potatoes that were on the edge. Roasted them with a little oil, s&p, and homegrown dried thyme.

*Note to self, invest in some damn freezer tape so that you can LABEL things better next time!

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  1. I love freezer slaw! I posted about mine for Dark Days recently, but my recipe came from a Mennonite cookbook. And I did cut back on the sugar so it's more vinegary, more like pickles.
    I also love freezer tape :)
    Those buns look really really good.

  2. That's hilarious you did barbecue with slaw on the same week--I guess there's enough of us doing the challenge we're bound to overlap!

    Challah dough makes great buns--I just used a basic recipe (this one was from "The Village baker") and use half the dough to make 3-4 ounce rolls. They rise and bake fast too, so good for dinner :)

  3. Nothing like homemade barbeque sauce, if you ask me. And that slaw looks delicious too!

    Thanks for coming to visit over at Burp! Always happy to meet another local food blogger -- and we'll be adding you to our WI Foodie Blogroll! Hope to see you again soon.

  4. I made piles of freezer slaw this year! My Gramma always used to make it when I was a kid and I LOVED it, so I had to try it out when my CSA started sending me cabbages every week. I had to buy a purple cabbage special just for my slaw 'cuz Gramma's was usually pink. Isn't it fun?


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