A dark days lunch - Week 15

I feel like I'm losing a little momentum on the challenge, but sometimes it's nice just to see what you have for a simple meal. Today's lunch: homemade focaccia with WI potatoes, and homegrown sage and sundried tomatoes, toasted and sandwiched with some Farmer John's smoked Gouda. Mmmm. Served with a bowl of homegrown canned pears, and a backyard hard-boiled egg.

As you can see, I did make another batch of the focaccia! It's really an awesome recipe. It comes from a book called Flatbreads and Flavors by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid. If you're not familiar with their books, in a nutshell they are a Canadian couple who travel around eating and cooking in villages and cities around the world, and then write about it. Flatbreads has a lot of good recipes, both for the breads and the meals that go with them.

And please note the bulbs in the background, brought home by a man who understands how much I can't wait for spring. :)

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  1. such a pretty pretty picture!
    The only local flour I have is pastry flour (soft wheat) - do you think it would work for your breads? I'm on the hunt for a bread I can make with it and I think flatbreads have a better chance.

  2. Thanks. I think this might work fine with pastry flour--I pretty much use All Purpose flour for most of my artisan-type breads. You could also mix with a "stronger" flour if you're having trouble, and some people add wheat gluten to help with WW bread baking.


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