not everyone can carry the weight of the world

I wanted a better metaphorical post about life and weight and the heaviness of current events.  But mostly I am just tired, a good tired from hard work and building things, so I won't.

Doing stuff makes me feel better.  That's the philosophy.

a temporary retaining solution, but my recent thought was, why not plant some veggies up here?

We have a running joke in our household about "working breeds" as we have a fondness for dogs of that sort.  And working dogs are happier when they are occupied, for sure, and it seems in our case so are their owners. 

And so we take on crazy projects.  Which seem daunting from the outside, but generally involve a recipe of some shovels, a stretch of time, and a bit of improvisation and flexibility. And in this case a few pallets of stone.

end of day three, thanks to an extra digger

99% of the time it turns out easier than it seemed at the outset (not that we're done yet!).  And there's something reassuring about the weight of the earth, whether it's a bucket of soil or a chunk of rock.  

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  1. Looks great. I foresee some winter squash vines tumbling over the temporary retaining area...


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