hoop-la update

Just a quickie update as there's so much going on these days, last night we finally had some rain so I think we get a day off of backyard digging!  My plans today are to re-vamp the hoop house, pulling out some overgrown and/or blooming bits that have been replaced by new plantings.  This should make room for new things to go in:  leeks, more plantings of carrots, and perhaps a couple of tomatoes.  I have spares in case anything goes wrong...

Temps are still dropping to near (or even below) freezing at night, even inside the greenhouse.  I suspect the warm soil keeps most of the plants pretty happy, though the other morning everything was good and crispy when I was harvesting before work. It does make me leery of planting my summer stuff, or even leaving my bedding plants in overnight, except for the alliums and cabbages. 

these three rows were started from seed (in February!).  They sprouted in March and are finally catching up to their siblings started indoors and transplanted later, but nowhere near the size of their overwintered cousins.
I perhaps started too much new kale, and a huge patch of cilantro. Also--should I eat those last leeks, or let them go to seed?  I can't decide....

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  1. Ooo, I have hoop envy!! I do so want one of these. It's on my wish list!! Everything looks so yummy!!

  2. You have other leeks to fill the vacuum? Then I would eat them. but if you save *one* leek to seed, realize they're self-fertile, or nearly so (they stage their blossoming thus older flowers pollinate younger). The best seeds germination-wise that I ever get are those from heads I have grown. FWIW they don't get much bigger, only taller, so you can probably work around it ok in the hoop.

    The fun thing about working any of this out is the timing. I say "fun" because there are a lot more happy accidents than not, or at least for me.

  3. Judy: It's a lot of fun!

    El: I actually have two, so is that good or bad? I had a couple of fall planted ones go to seed last spring, and they germinated well, so I thought I'd try again this year.


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