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Colander season has started early this year.  We went from being very scroogy with picking greens, to having a couple of meals a week being spinach-based, to yesterday, when I realized we were seriously going to have to plan our meals around the hoop this week.  El's right, a hoop house does extend the number of times the garden reaches points of excess, even when you are growing on a smaller scale.  Last year, it was mid-April when we were eating spinach non-stop. *

Does anybody else have the seasonal-eating "problem" of wanting to make the same favorite dish repeatedly when a particular ingredient comes in?  To avoid getting into a rut, I've been  looking back at saved recipes links, and dusty cookbooks that have been ignored.  Plans for the next few days include:
  • stuffed pizza (well yes, that's nothing new, but adaptable to the seasons!)  with spinach and leek, plus homemade sausage from a class I took this winter.  And a salad on the side.
  • indian food:  not sure the exact menu, but indian cooking is a great way to use up both misc. veggies in your freezer, and greens.  I'm thinking saag or fritters with spinach, and a vegetable korma with eggplant, broccoli, and green beans. I might try making paneer for the first time.
  • green enchiladas:  cheese enchiladas with a spicy spinach-based sauce, an epi recipe
  • midwestern meze:  this one we do a fair amount--basically a fun night of lots of side dishes and breads and snacks.  But, the mix changes with the seasons.  This weekend will probably be roasted potato/kale salad, lots of veggie pickles, a bean dish (hummus, or a bean salad), and maybe a soup.  
  • eggplant parmesan:  a quick weeknight dinner with frozen breaded eggplant and last summer's tomato sauce.  No greens here but we'll probably have a salad on the side.

* of course, this year is a little strange, considering we hit 80 degrees yesterday--that's 15 degrees higher than the last record high for the date, and the earliest we've hit 80 in history.  EVER.  Beautiful, but a little scary.

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  1. Cookbooks? Recipes? huh? No time to consult them, I swear.

    It seems to me that Soup Season is officially over now. This is a bit of a drag, as probably 1-2 dinners a week here are soup! But I'm like you in that I just put MORE of whatever's at hand into the pot. Last night it was more cabbage than potatoes in the potato/leek soup.

    Even though things are crazy-abundant now, I really enjoy Kale Flowering Season, don't you? It's a bit of a gift. And all those carrots are growing roots so I might do a huge batch of fajitas on the grill. And oh goodness I still have about 6 big butternuts in storage yet...

    But tomorrow's a slow-cooked then smoked brisket because I abhor even home-made corned beef...and we've got champ (mashed potatoes/green onions) to accompany it, as well as a couple of beers made (not by me) with my own hops. And, hah, salad!

  2. I've become obsessed with the combination of greens and breakfast foods, whether it's a frittata or bacon sandwich.

    And, yes, I admit that I do tend to want to make a certain dish over and over when the produce is in the garden. I'm very ready for last year's favorites.

    I just ordered the remainder of all my seeds. The grow lights go up in my office this weekend. I'm getting excited.

  3. The spinach enchiladas sound very interesting.... I am now about ready to have my spinach patch explode. Yay!

  4. Trying out a new comment option here, since I can't even leave one myself depending on what computer I'm on...

    EL: We bottled our first batch of been on st. patrick's day. Not our own hops, started with a kit to get the hang of it.

    Jodi: Glad I'm not alone, I do like the egg/greens combo too.

    Ali: the enchilada sauce is pretty darn good. I simplified the recipe a little when I made it again this time, so I don't follow it exactly, but I'm sure you'd get the idea if you tried it.


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