The hoophouse, it is exploding. Still.  I *think* we made it through the heat wave without a ton of bolting, and the second round of plantings should hopefully grow up in somewhat regular spring temps (it's only in the 30s so far today). 

There is also a new four-legged resident. 

The magnolia is blooming a month earlier than last year, which was 2 weeks later than the year before.  So I guess only half a month early? 

And this year's madness:  stage one of a giant terracing project.  It seems daunting, but then I look at how far we got last year.  And we didn't even get started until late April. 

girls, don't eat the pink grass!
Not much of a food garden project, though the grape vines will benefit from the shored-up soil, and we'll most likely end up adding more.  We are recycling some landscape timbers from elsewhere in this initial stage, but the main player in this project will be stone--a first for us. 


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  1. I had to have a little laugh to think that one might worry about bolting in March. This is such a freaky year. I'm glad that you went back two years on the magnolia observations because it does get to be tempting to compare to last year. I had forgotten, until I was reading about the apple trees budding, that it was such a cold and slow spring in 2011.

    As of yet, no mini hoop construction here, but I saw a twinkle in my husband's eye when I showed him a recent photo of the inside of your big one.

    Happy gardening!


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