Not bad for a tuesday

Well, we're excited here in Madison, as we officially recalled our misguided governor today.  Volunteers pounded the pavement for 60 days, and collected over a million signatures--almost twice what was required by law. It's a complicated issue, painted by national news as mostly a public workers and union battle, but in truth brought out folks of all ages and backgrounds, and from all parts of the state.  Its about the environment, about big money in campaigns (and heck, writing actual legislation), about the economy.  The signature gatherers I spoke with were not involved in politics before, but were woken up by current events to be active participants in a democratic process.  This month at a hearing on a mining bill, 500 people showed up in Hurley, WI (population 1800). 

The process isn't going to be perfect, but I guess I have to think its a good thing for folks to start paying attention.  We live in interesting and somewhat infuriating times.

And, on a lighter note, I finally had my camera in hand when one of our resident foxes made an appearance.  We have at least one pair in the over-sized city park down the street, and they have been very active of late--just not when I was prepared!  Today I was snowshoeing at the dog park (we have snow finally, YAY!) and spotted this fellow (or vixen) working his way down the shoreline, looking for snacks, I suspect.

He's such a beauty this time of year, but you can see how if need-be he can blend into the marsh or woods in an instant.  But for the most part they are quite used to their semi-urban lifestyle:  I see them watching people and dogs often, and once or twice a year we spot them walking up our street on a winter's night. 

Besides being, you know, a liberal hotbed, Madison has some pretty cool stuff.

And yes, I should probably worry a bit about Mr. Fox and my hen-house, but I think he has plenty to eat (heck, help yourself to the voles and squirrels in MY yard anytime!).

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  1. beautiful photos of the fox (and the snow!)

  2. Wow, great photos! They are beautiful creatures, even if they do like chicken. I have some tasty rabbits I think they'd prefer over a tough old hen.

  3. And by the way, great job on the recall! There is some hope yet, although we have our own idiot in the governor's office here in Maine this term, sigh.

    1. Thanks! I read the latest on your Governor, (threat to cancel schools) what a piece of work he is! We have a long ways to go, but pretty hopeful that the balance will be restored a bit.


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