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Our streak of warm weather has ended, and we're looking at 30s for lows this week.  (Though it's still absolutely lovely outside, perfect for garden cleanup this weekend!

The hoop is closed up for winter, we put up the last of the panels this week, and I closed the roll-up side as well.  I have been opening the screen on the door on sunny afternoons, and the venting window is still opening as-needed.  I'm debating whether to worry about any small gaps, but as the space is not insulated, I kind of doubt that a few drafts will make a difference.  Still, I may close up any glaring spots.

Inside, it's looking a bit more filled out.  Spinach is coming along, as is kale.  I also have one tiny head of cauliflower, from a late planting (a halfhearted attempt with seeds I bought for next spring).  That was an exciting find. 

The tomato was pulled  in order to get one of the last panels in place, so today I planted that spot, and also installed the last bed on the end.  I made it fairly small so that I can still reach into the corners (and step across in the summer to exit the back), but figured a little more growing space can't hurt!  Today I seeded some more spinach and winter greens, and transplanted a few strawberry plants thinned from an overgrown patch.  I figured this year is an experiment on what does well, so a little bit of everything is the way to go. 

It has already been an education watching the temps rise and fall.  I've found the hoop is a bit shady this time of year, as our big maples to the South have not lost their leaves yet.  So even as the days get shorter we will end up with a boost of light in a few more weeks. 
Also--pests!  I've already had a bit of an aphid invasion, as well as the blasted cabbage worms, which should peter out now that the moths cannot find their way in.  So far I've been able to just hand pick them off, and/or wipe and spray the aphids with water.  I have quite a bit of mustard and kale growing, which are such targets for bugs. 

For now, not too much greener inside than out  but that will soon change!

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1 comment:

  1. Looks great!

    Not sure what to tell you about your aphids but the cabbage moths (which in my experience never seem to die) need a touch of Bt. Maybe it works on aphids too, though I had heard dish soap works for them. Go with it. Either is safe to eat after washing.

    And great minds, Sara: this last weekend I closed in the ends of 8 greenhouse beds similar to what you just put in so I could have a bit more area to garden.


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