the zucchini crisis has been downgraded

All week, I struggled to keep up with produce.  It's not exactly that we're swimming in tomatoes (not at all, yet); more of an battle of motivation and other parts-of-life-busyness. There's been some pickling, canning, baking, and some great meals, but still a feeling like I wasn't keeping up.

no matter how busy I feel, I am never as busy as these guys...

And all week, I kept thinking if I could JUST MAKE ZUCCHINI BREAD, it would somehow indicate that I was catching up, and in that way would SAVE THE WORLD.  But it never happened.  Zucchini bread is just never a priority, no matter what you tell yourself.

Did I mention the 20 pounds of grapes from the neighbor's vines?

So today, I tackled the nagging chores in my head, the ones that appear first thing in the morning when you hit the alarm clock and try to doze for another 7 minutes.  I picked the greens that need picking in the wee hours before it gets hot.  I made yogurt, scraping the last 2 tablespoons from the old jar for the new batch (as always just-in-time production, sigh).  Pizza dough was prepped for dinner; dishes were done, scum was skimmed from the pickle crocks;  I cleaned the damn house.  I picked more tomatoes and cucumbers.  I purged the fridge of old leftovers, and composted last year's horseradish roots that for some reason I kept saving in the chill drawer, despite their sad condition.  I did the semi-weekly countertop tomato prioritization, and started a batch of sauce with the most-ripe, and have a colander ready for the dehydrator later.

not-very-impressive but notable: my first batch of pressure canning!  Check that off the "things that I am afraid to do" list.

When all was said and done, the 4 zucchinis left in the fridge were the least of my worries, and I put off the bread for another day.  I'm sure there's a moral to this tale somewhere, if you find it, let me know!

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  1. No rest for the wicked....

    Grate the zukes and freeze in bread sized portions.

    Those tomatoes look great! Non here yet, maybe tomorrow.

    Good for you, pressure canning. Not as scary as it sounds, is it?

  2. The cake I made was so good I might just do the freezer thing! (I've done it before, but funny how your desire for zucchini bread wanes mid-winter).

    Glad to see you're getting tomatoes finally!


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