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June 4 - remember how roomy it was?
August 12 - I can hardly walk around some spots at least.
Today I'm working on seeding and transplanting fall crops, and I was feeling a little unorganized.  Why did I plant things where I did?  Why don't I have more space?  Why didn't I keep better records?  So I needed to back up a little.  There's a reason my garden is a little fly-by-night this year. Much of it didn't exist four months ago.  And having a garden packed-full in August means that there is FOOD growing there.  Maybe not all food that I want or need at this stage (HA), but it's healthy and abundant.

Good things:  Holy eggplants!  We couldn't keep up with eating them so today will freeze/pickle some I think.  Lots of blossoms yet and more fruits on the way.

Less good:

Beans on the fence (thank goodness they are dry beans so I don't need to get in there.  Zucchini and butternut growing into the hoop and over the compost...And there are tomatillos in there too, sigh.

What was I thinking planting that much squash in the back corner?  The one creeping into the hoop area is a zucchini that I may pull, though it is SO healthy.  But I have new ones started elsewhere, and even a smaller plant inside that jungle, so soon  I will convince myself to commit zucchinicide.  Plus, at some point, I have to start putting this hoop up! 

I did manage to find room for some fall sets of kale and cauliflower, and I seeded a few other greens.  As more beets and leeks come out I will start sowing spinach and winter greens.  Learning my lesson, I am being much more diligent on recording my late summer and fall plantings, I want to be able to look back next year and know what worked. 

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  1. Hah! You got noting on me, although the zukes are getting pretty rampant.

    I slithered my way down the path between the tomatoes and the pole beans trying to avoid the wet branches of the toms only to get a pole bean tendril complete with Japanese beetles caught in my hair. Eeeeewwwww!

    I looks GREAT!! Really great, I'm loving your soon to be hoophouse.

  2. I do the wet branch dance too, ha! Its kind of like a sideways limbo.

    Thanks, I've read a lot of your older entries on your hoop to get ideas :)


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