Around here 4th of July weekend is kind of a deadline of sorts--we have a big fireworks event in our neighborhood, and it becomes an arbitrary goal to finish outside projects.  Neighbors build decks, and seal their driveways, primp their yards and mulch their garden beds to at least hide weeds for one weekend (okay, that last one is mine).

note random black-eyed susans, the patch moves around the yard from year to year.

And while we're normally a sleepy little street, for one day loads of people walk by, so my front yard has an audience other than the immediate neighbors.

Early July isn't our biggest bloom-time in front, but it has some color.  It's not all veggies around here...

And now I find myself in a lull, what to do, besides harvest the broccoli and beets that are ready?  Tomatoes are setting, I found a bud in the artichoke (woohoo!) and with a little 90 degree weather the eggplant and peppers are finally looking happier.

Soon, meal planning will entirely revolve around what needs eating.  For now, it's a pleasant wander clipping good stuff here and there.

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