stick a (pitch)fork in her, she's done

For the day, anyway! Today I hauled mulch for the garden paths, and I'm at the point where I feel I'm finished with this new garden space; for a while, anyway.  New beds are all planted and mulched, with a few spaces left for succession planting.

It's strange to feel like I have too much space between beds, but I know in a few weeks when the beans are spilling over, the peppers are 4 feet tall, and the tomato patch is a jungle, that it will feel about right.  There is definitely room for one more bed along the front of the hoop.  We stashed the cold frame there for now, but may add to it in the fall once the hoop is set up.

It will all feel more settled after the plants mature a bit, and the mulch gets packed down.

I'm tempted after looking at my canning needs for the season to stick another tomato or two somewhere, and I just might!  Meanwhile, the first beans are up, eggplants and peppers are luxuriating in 90 degree temps, and I AM DONE for the day.

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  1. It looks great! I will be anxious to see it in midsummer, and to see hear about your hoophouse


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