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I like trying out new veggies every season.  It keeps things interesting.  New this year:

Windsor Favas.  They are really loving the long cool spring we are having, and I love the black and white blossoms.  Hopefully they will not resent the sudden change to summertime (after those two cold nights*, and a day in the 50s, we nearly hit 90 today!).

Also a first timer:

I love the spiral forming in the center

Radiccio (Chiogga Red Preco from Johnny's).  Since I am apparently fond of the more bitter greens, I thought I'd give this a try.

Speaking of greens, I tried a new kale recipe today.  When talking to a neighbor about possibly unloading some veggies on them, they mentioned a kale salad that they like from Whole foods.  I looked it up, and tried it out tonight.  It would be more seasonal in fall, but I had the ingredients on hand. 

Kale Waldorf Salad

I used our cutting celery (which has self-seeded ALL OVER the garden), and some dried cranberries mixed with the raisins.  Also added a little yogurt to the dressing to make it creamier.

So far I don't think I've tried a kale recipe I don't like, which I think means:  I like kale!  :)  Hope the same holds true for the radicchio.

* we hit lows in the mid-thirties on our frosty night, but I covered up the tender plants and everything seems to have come through fine.  Hopefully we're in the clear now!

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