hoopdate - early April

I am so happy with the running start I have this spring. While my low tunnels weren't great for actual winter harvests (hard to access once we had much snow), they have been awesome and easy now that the season has changed.  They are also very good at keeping me patient when the rest of the garden is too cold/wet to work on, and I can't quite get started on my other big projects this spring.
winter lettuce, bordeaux spinach, and check out that giant winter spinach (it's in front of the green onions in the way back)

Last year I put the hoops up in late February.  That did get the soil warmed up and I planted pretty early.  This time, plants started themselves, and I'm harvesting by the time I planted last season!  Though I am filling in spaces with new seeding, the bulk of the work was done back in October/November.  And some of it I didn't do at all--I have a great cilantro patch and some celery that self-sowed.

spinach for dinner tonight.

Today I'm planning to pull off the plastic, as our temps are back to normal for now, and all these plants are cold tolerant.  I'll leave the row cover on for a while yet.  The other nice thing about low tunnels is that they are so portable, and I can move them to a new bed as needed.

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