march madness

20 degree below normal temps: A hard stretch of weather for a gardener who had a taste of spring last weekend.

This can lead to some random desperate acts...

...such as impulsively making chocolate ice cream at 8 o'clock in the morning while waiting for milk to cool for a batch of yogurt.

I love this about DIY processes which involve periods of watchful but inactive time:  while letting dough rest for 20 minutes, I find I can blaze through a load of dishes, or whip up a batch of granola.  In this case, it was simple thought of "well, the pan had milk in it already....look at those eggs on the we have chocolate?"  By the time the yogurt was ready to inoculate, I had custard ready to chill.  (And a few more dishes added to the sink.)

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  1. Sara I had to laugh at this post. You see, I work from home 3 days a week and I work in! hah! tell me actual work gets done. (It does, but, while MY milk is cooling, I am on the phone calming down a client.) Ice cream does sound yummy, though...

  2. Oh that's totally true for me too. Really a lot of "real" work involves down time that in an office is filled with coworker banter or whatever. At home it's folding a load of laundry while waiting to hear back from a colleague, or moving a flat of plants outside while you compose a tactful email in your head in response to an issue.

    Its really a lot more productive for both home and work work, isn't it?


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