bridging the seasons

World events can make you feel helpless.  The internets can be...unhelpful.  Thankfully, there is finally opportunity to get outside and take a break from things out of my control.  Temps are nearing 50 degrees, cranes and robins are back in large numbers, and I found the first crocus today!

Also excited this past week to be able to both plant and harvest again.  I found a few overwintered carrots in the low tunnel last week--I had left a few to see how they would do.  And the greens that survived are finally starting to take off.

bordeaux spinach
winter lettuce mix - soon to be spring mix
So last night's dinner featured a combo of ingredients from this season and the past:  backyard eggs, freshly picked spinach and scallions, mixed with a ton of last summer's veggies:  frozen broccoli and peppers, plus garlic scape pesto and dried tomatoes.  Combined with some WI cheddar and butter, local milk and flour, and some farmers market bacon, we had a quiche worthy of a photograph:

Today I planted out my sets of kale and lettuce, plus a few bunching onions.  Eggplants and peppers are sprouting indoors under lights.  Tomatoes get seeded later this week.  Thank goodness for seasons, there is always something to look forward to.

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  1. Ah! Now that is heartening. I ought to get some arugula and lettuce planted in our sunny front cold frame.

    Quiche looks delicious!



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