Late December hoopdate

This won't be the most exciting or attractive update, but that doesn't mean I'm discouraged.  In the last month, we've had nighttime temperatures as low as -10 degrees F, and 20 inches of snow for the season so far.  It's also been quite cloudy, and of course the shortest days of the year.  So the fact I'm seeing living plants at all is really amazing to me. 

Most of the bigger plants are droopy, though the chard still has smaller inside leaves popping up.  Looks tasty though I haven't bothered to dig out the hoop enough to harvest (These pics were taken by sticking my camera under the plastic!).  

The winter lettuce and mache look just fine, though it's arrested at a very small size still.  There are plenty of walking onions, though I'm not sure if my experiments of late-planted onions and leeks will make it.  Also fun to watch are the miscellaneous volunteers spotted. Some are weeds, but some are celery, cilantro, and other edibles. 

We have bizarre 40 degree weather ahead, and then more normal temps.  I'm expecting our usual bitter cold but bright and sunny January coming up, and as the days get longer I'll be looking for some actual activity.  I'm hoping for some early greens harvests in February--We shall see! 

Swiss Chard and walking onions

Still teeny but happy row of winter lettuces.
 I also realize I could have planted a lot more closely in the fall--too much empty space!  But at least I have space for some early plantings in the next month or so.

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  1. This is awesome :) How big is your hoop? Do you have a post that details the construction?

  2. These are just low tunnels, PVC with plastic on the outside, and row cover over wire hoops on the inside. Here's a post with a picture from the outside:


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