Dark Days Week 4

I took a picture of this dinner last week but put off posting as it was a good DD meal, just not super interesting.   I thought I might have a better meal to write about over the holidays, but that didn't happen! 

We made this dinner on the 21st.  We usually try to cook a nice meal for the Solstice,  a one-night reprieve from a hectic time of year.  We kept it fairly simple this year, pretty basic comfort food.  Hopefully I'll be a little more inventive after the New Year.

The menu:

Steaks:  A ribeye and a t-bone from a beef pack we purchased this fall from a local producer.  Seared on a cast-iron grill pan with just a little salt and cracked pepper.
Oven fries:  Farmer's Market red potatoes tossed in olive oil and S&P, baked until crispy.
Dill pickles:  Homegrown cukes, dill, hot peppers, and garlic.
Green Salad: A very simple affair with  just about the last of our winter lettuce harvested earlier in the month, homegrown sundried tomatoes, and market carrots.  Vinaigrette with some homegrown garlic and herbs, oil and vinegar.
Baguettes:  freshly baked with 25% local organic wheat, served with WI butter.

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