Late November hoopdate

Outside,things are looking a little bleak.  We had a strong cold front move through at Thanksgiving, and temps dropped to the teens for a few nights.  My broccoli finally succumbed, though that hasn't stopped the hens from pecking at it through the fence, so I guess it's not a total loss. 

Inside the hoops,things look about the same!  I had harvested the most mature lettuce patches pretty heavily last week, thinking they would fare the worst in cold weather.  I was mostly right, they have the most frost damage, but still have good leaves left.

in the back, chard and walking onions, in the front, some wayward peas (still blooming!) and cilantro among misc. volunteers

More exciting, the latest plantings of winter lettuce are filling out already

Kale and spinach, seem happy enough.

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  1. I just found your blog and will be interested in watching how the hoops work for through the winter! (I'm in Milwaukee, WI.)


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