bleck friday

Thankfully, the only thing I plan to purchase today is 20 pounds of organic flour!

Doing a little legwork for the dark days challenge, I re-discovered that an area bakery sells freshly ground flour.  Turns out, I can get organic flour (hard and soft wheat) for 65 cents a pound! And...they deliver!  To me that's a total win--no shopping, cheaper than the supermarket, and locally produced (the soft wheat is actually grown less than 50 miles from here).

I almost didn't participate in DD this year, but now I'm glad I did.  I don't have a particular goal in mind for a percentage of SOLE eating, but the challenge does push me to either source or grow a few more ingredients each year. 

A couple of girls enjoying the winter sunshine.

Also...I hopefully recruited a couple friends to join this year, should be fun to have more participants in the area! 

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