you can never hold back spring

Look what I found in the veggie garden...

And in the making-do category... Though I longed for a "real" greenhouse this spring, common sense was that building a winter greenhouse in the fall was a smarter idea. But that doesn't mean I'm not extending my season. I had all the materials on hand, so I set up these hoops a couple of weeks ago to warm up the soil, and today I planted out a medley of greens. I also have lettuce hardening off to transplant into a hoop in a few days too. And indoors, I started seeds for peppers and eggplants because we are just about at 8 weeks to the last frost!

But oh it felt so good to have my hands in the soil.

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  1. I'm starting seeds tonight, but I wish I had hoops!

  2. There are pretty low-tech--you too could have them! :)


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