spring ahead or fall behind--Dark Days week 18

After a week of wonderful early spring weather, we fell back a bit and had SNOW this weekend with some chilly days.  Today was bright and a little warmer, but chili still seemed appropriate.

Anatomy of a dark days meal:

I loved the mishmash of local ingredients here:  Homegrown red beans cooked up this morning as prep work; red peppers and sweet corn from the farmers market, plus some of my zucchini, all frozen in the fall.  Two jars of home grown and canned tomatoes, and browning in the pan, some market onions and a pound of Pecatonica ground beef.  I also added some sliced frozen serrano peppers and some ground dried red peppers, both from our backyard.  Nonlocal spices:  cumin, salt/pepper, and a little cinnamon.

To accompany, I made some lavash crackers.  By dinnertime the smells in the house were pretty awesome.

We served with some Wisconsin cheddar, and homemade yogurt. 

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  1. Your chili looks delicious! I've only ventured homemade crackers once. I can't seem to roll them thin enough but your lavash looks awesome. I'm so glad we didn't get any of the snow everyone keeps talking about, but I'm not fooling myself; it's still only March!

  2. This recipe rolls pretty easy (it's the lavash cracker from the Bread Baker's Apprentice) ANd even if it's not thin, you can just bake a little longer until it's crunchy.

    Snows gone, thankfully, and we have more flowers blooming today :)


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