DD week 16

Although I said I'm losing steam on the dark days, it's more about the imaginative, photogenic meals. We are still eating a lot of local food. I think the percentage of meals with local ingredients is going up, but the percentage of each meal is going down slightly as we are running low on some ingredients. I need to hit up the indoor market this week for some staples, it's really hard to resist when you need an onion and the non-SOLE bag is only a dollar at the grocery store. Ah well one bag a winter isn't the worst sin I guess.

Examples from this week:
M-Roasted tomato veggie soup (almost all homegrown and frozen in the fall), doctored up with some clams and milk, served with leftover garden focaccia from last week.
T--nachos made with non-SOLE but local business chips and beef, fried up with frozen local peppers and corn, topped with guacamole made from immigrant avocados mailed to me in a care package from a Florida relative (local to them though, ha!). Served with homemade yogurt and salsa.
W --(see below)
Th -- grilled burgers and a hot dog with homemade buns, more guacamole, and WI potato fries
F -- Pizza with homegrown tomato sauce, frozen red peppers, SD tomatoes, scape pesto, WI cheese, and a few nonlocal toppings (mushrooms and bacon).

Here's Wednesday's meal..

This is a recycled peasant dish from last year's garden. One of our favorite meals is stuffed cabbage, but there is often leftover filling, and cabbage leaves that aren't big enough for stuffing. The solution is mixing them all up together and throwing them in the freezer.... I usually make some sort of casserole, but this time I whipped up some fresh egg noodles and tossed on some more farmer john parmesan. I didn't particularly like this incarnation, but the hub liked it--so we'll call it a success. Humorously the jar of pears we opened only had two halves of ONE GIANT pear. Oh well, must have been the last jar in the batch!

Coming up though: we're going to fire up the mud oven tomorrow, and I'm hitting the indoor market for some good stuff for that meal.

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