mediterranean monday?

grilled eggplant parmesan

I'm not sure why we haven't made this one yet this summer, but it seemed a fitting grillout food for labor day weekend. I base this on an epicurious recipe from years ago, but there's no real need for a recipe: simply brush olive oil on rounds of eggplant, grill on one side for 3 or 4 minutes, flip, and add your toppings. In this case I had fresh mozzarella, then a thin slice of tomato, and a mixture of toasted breadcrumbs, basil, and parmesan. I put the lid on and let them go another 3 minutes or so, until everything was melted and cooked through.

I always see recipes for "healthier" eggplant parmesan, which mainly try to avoid the breading/frying things. Personally I feel that most of the point of EP is the fried texture, and if you don't want the work or fat just make something else out of eggplant (say, an indian dish). But, this is an exception--fast, easy, healthier, and really really delicious.

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