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first tomato of the year

First ripe tomato of the year! Well, I've had a handful of cherry tomatoes, and an experimental container plant started way early has yielded a few small fruit here and there to keep us sane while we waited for the main crop. But this is the first full-sized variety, an Italian Heirloom. I know, it's not perfect, and looks more like an amish paste but we can't be critical on such an occasion. I'm just glad the chipmunks didn't take a bite.

Also of note, using Chiot's handy harvest spreadsheet, I added up my produce weights this morning. Last year I didn't seriously keep track until the tomato harvest started coming in. This year, I have kept better records of early crops like greens and cabbage, though I'm not being excessively anal about it all this year. I have a few days with notes like "two zukes" or "gave a big bag of lettuce to the neighbors". Anyways---so far my totals are just over 50 pounds! And the bulk of the harvest is just starting!

Even more interesting is that my list of "crops" is up over 30 items. And that's with a few grouped items like peas, lettuce, and beets, which I have several varieties. It amazes me just how much you can grow in a fairly small space.

Tonight's dinner is a ceremonial BLT, with some sweet corn from the farmers market.

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