Coming up: Reedsburg Fermentation Fest!

I promised myself that I would remember this year to post about the Fermentation Fest AHEAD of time, this year.  So here we go:

what:  Reedsburg Fermentation Fest
when:   October 4th through the 13th

As I've mentioned before, Fermentation fest is a very ambitious quest to merge art, agriculture, and food in the guise of a small town festival of fermenting. There are classes and speakers, demos and concerts, but for me, the best part is the Farm Art D'Tour, a drive around a gorgeous stretch of classic Wisconsin farmland interspersed with art installations, informational displays, and farmstands.

On the weekends, they have live performances of dance and music along the route as well.

Basically it's a day-trip that hits all my buttons.  If you are in the area, and share a love of farmland, art, and food, by all means, go!  The classes and events can be a little pricey, but the tour is free (besides gasoline--and it's even bike-able this year, if you are up for a 47 mile hilly ride!).  Save some cash for the foodstands along the way--last year there was beer jelly and cheese, plus amish baked goods and produce.  There are also participating businesses in Reedsburg proper including a brew pub that bakes it's own spent grain breads.

And if you enjoy photography, it's really a blast:

I should probably mention that I'm not affiliated with the fest in anyway, just an admirer.  We went the very first year for a display of the Smithsonian Exhibit:  Key Ingredients: America by Food, and came back the following year for the first D'tour, and now we're hooked. 

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