I remember last spring, when our magnolia bloomed early, that it was not really an entire month ahead, it was just that two weeks early, combined with the late spring of the previous year, made it seem extraordinary.  And so this year the pendulum swings back.
On the first day of spring, a whole flock of robins showed up in the backyard, just to cheer me up.

If I hear one more person say (at the grocery store, at the bank teller) how it was EIGHTY degrees last year, as if that is the way it is supposed to be, I may have to throttle them, or at least gently remind them of our loss of fruit crops, and of drought.  But I don't, as I too am wishing for some warmer days--though really, a rogue 55 degrees for a few hours would be fine.  Above freezing for two days in a row?  Okay I'll take that.

Last year's heat wave was freaky, and I had a growing sense of dread as it continued day after day.  But then again, it's really hard not to enjoy sunshine and coatless temperatures.  This cold streak is a little harder to bear, but it helps to commiserate with internet friends who are even colder, or who have a foot of snow! It's also nice to have the perspective from looking at my notes from year to year.

I knew last March that having the first year of winter gardening in the hoop house occur in such a non-winter would make it a little harder to apply the lessons I learned.  I started a ton of flats (mostly alliums) with the thought that I could move them outside by now, but that's just not the case.  My early greens are hardened off, but I even pulled them inside since our lows are below 10 degrees this week.  (It would also probably help if my cold frame wasn't frozen to the ground--I normally move it close to the house and use it to extend my light space on sunny days, and this year I can't even get the lid open.)

Oh well, I scrounged up extra lights from the basement, and have doubled my space inside, and will just try and hold on for another week or two! 

And thank goodness the sun is out, there's always a heat wave in the hoop.  I will head up the hill and spend some quality time soaking in some vitamin D in my wee Florida simulator.

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  1. The Florida simulator! Hah! I love that! I may have to use that turn of phrase, but I'll give you credit.

    I know what you mean, here today it is cool and windy, which really takes the fun out of the bright sunshine. Earlier this morning I was planning for a walk once the sun was really overhead, but a few minutes outside with the wind whipping the sand in my face changed my mind, and instead, I worked on the bathroom all afternoon. Again. I hope to get some seeds planted in the hoophouse tomorrow. I know lettuce will grow, as will spinach, but I'm going to try some broccoli and early cabbage.

    Enjoy the seasonal weather, I hope it lasts!


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