fall wall update

I realized the other day I haven't really done any progress reports on the wall-building project.  I think the drought and usual summer busy-ness contributed.  Anway.

Despite the being the worst possible year for growing grass, we managed to have some success in the lawn area.  Enough that we are hopeful that next spring (with a bit of reseeding as necessary) will find us with a fairly established established weedy but grassy area.

In the meantime, we are just getting used to living in a very different backyard space, and continuing the project as time and finances permit.  We added a fire pit mid-summer once the grass was walkable, and this fall have started on the upper wall as well.  We are currently waiting on a stone order, and may be delayed until spring depending on weather.

For now the unfinished bits are being climbed upon by agile dogs, and fertilized by chickens (who were fenced out for much of the summer, and are very happy to be back on their turf).  We are enjoying the changing light and foliage:  and looking forward (eventually) to drifting snow.

We are leaning towards prairie-type plantings for the main hilly section, with (possibly) a bee hive or two.  Why not? 

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