on optimism

Sorry for delinquency of posting...such a busy time of year (for everyone).  Also we've been a bit demoralized here in Wisconsin (sigh).  After getting personally involved in politics for the first time in my life, I have been thoroughly reminded that the cynicism I had for our campaign system (and heck, my overall view of humanity) was not unfounded.  But what can you do?   In gardening there's balance--a bad year for apples may turn into a bumper year for tomatoes--and so I have to hope things will correct themselves in the end.  I just hope the damage done to our state (by, say, a DNR with declining enforcement and inspections) is not irreparable.

Garden 2, all mulched up and neat before the growth spurts.

Meanwhile, the grass grows, as do the veggies.

optimism is the belief that these tomatoes will be six feet tall in two months...

One of my goals from last year was improving my support structures.  After adding posts to reinforce tomato cages etc, last year we resorted to some 8 foot conduit found in the rafters of the garage.  It worked great, so this year we are starting with the big guns.  Also added were a bunch of heavy-duty tent poles found at the Habitat Re-Store (10 feet long, 50 cents each!).  I'm using a weaving method for tomato trellises, twine is stretched between poles and around plants.  It worked well last season.

We are caught up (or at least taking a break for the moment) with the terracing project, so I actually had time to work on primping in the rest of the yard--our front shade garden was pretty neglected last year, and I wanted to get a handle on weeding and mulching early so that we could just enjoy it for a while. Garden paths are weeded and mulched too, hoping to make less work later on, when time is short.

favas and garlic scapes on the grill, a revelation.

So we're keeping busy here, looking ahead.  The day after the election we went to the U-pick and loaded up on strawberries, so the week was spent (instead of sulking) with freezing berries and making jam (and ice cream, yum!).  Scapes were pickled and frozen as pesto.  Beer was bottled.  There is optimism in the season ahead after all.

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  1. Everything looks FANTASTIC. I just noticed that cool bench in the top photo. I might copycat that puppy.

    1. Thanks! D built that from found driftwood on the beach--so the design kind of followed the shape of the boards! There's a better picture here:


  2. I was thinking about you after hearing the recall outcome :-( Glad the optimism has resurfaced, urged along with beer, strawberries and grilled favas. I just heard there will be strawberries tomorrow at the Farmers Market, woot! Just in time.

    The yard and garden looks fantastic! We finally mulched today,, the weeds were fierce. Sigh. Happy summer!

    1. Aww, thanks for the sentiment. So far I'm just optimistic about tomatoes, and working on the rest!

      Your yard looks great too, have a great summer too!

  3. The garden looks great, Sara. Yes, we all have to keep our chins up and keep forging ahead. Lost in the headline news about Walker's win is the fact that the Democrats have taken control of the senate, which is pretty huge. We got here just in time to vote in the recall, for all the good it did....

    We had our first salad entirely from our new gardens (including a little "weed" forage) last night. So, I'm optimistic....

    Best~ Brett

    1. Thanks! You have a lot to look forward to in your new place (and a lot of work too!). Keeping busy has helped us with the upkeeping of the chins, ha.


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