I took a morning off of digging and biked downtown with D on Saturday.  It was the first outdoor farmer's market of the season, though we were a bit too late and it was way too crowded for much more than just enjoying the morning and people-watching.  No matter, I have quite a few spring veggies of my own anyhow!

But the other reason I headed out was to go to a book signing, Brett of Trout Caviar was in town.  It was the first time I've met a "fellow blogger" in real life, and Brett was just as nice as I'd expected him to be, and we three chatted for a while.  Not to gush, but I ended up skipping my other choice of events (Mark Bittman was also speaking this weekend, who as you know, I'm kind of a fangirl for) and it was well worth it for a genuine conversation with someone we had much more in common with!

I keep realizing that I'm really not very good at this blogging thing.  I am sporadic with writing, I get off topic, forget to link to things, and I rarely tag any entries.   I'm no networker (on-line or elsewhere) and I get too busy or sometimes too shy to leave comments very reliably.  I have no aspirations or earning money or writing a book from my blogging efforts.  But somehow I still feel a part of a little community of folks that somehow share a Venn diagram of interests--cooking good food; gardening; appreciating the natural world around them; and just doing fun stuff.  And it's not surprising to me the people whose blogs I read are exactly the type of person you'd like to have lunch with someday.

I have learned boatloads over the years, and I guess my hope, besides virtual friendship, is that I help someone else along the way. Not just to pass on a good idea, but hopefully to be the jumping off point for an even better one.

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  1. I was wondering if you were going to go. I figured you didn't necessarily need a reminder!

    And I have a girlcrush on Bittman too...have for years, gosh, 12? 13?

    But I know what you mean. Mostly I type my posts up on Monday morning right when I have my 2nd cuppa and am starting work. Sigh. Not a lot of thought, am falling badly behind on answering my own comments and almost never comment on others' blogs. I dunno.

    It IS a community of sorts! And skip lunch: I'd do beer and one of your pizzas.

  2. Hey Sara: It was great to meet you both. I'm so delighted you put down the shovels and hopped on the bikes. We had such a great time, it's hard to believe we were in Madison for less than 24 hours! Now that we're country mice, it's good to remember that you can milk a lot from an urban visit in a short time. We'll definitely be back, and do that lunch, or your pizza; beer will certainly be involved, either way.

    Cheers~ Brett

  3. Okay, we three need to do beer and pizza sometime!

  4. I would disagree with your comment that you are not very good at this blogging thing. At its core, blogging is a personal web log, i.e. your log to keep on the web. If what you log meets your needs, all is good. You are not (as you state) writing this blog with goal of publishing.

    I see the blog as a place to record your observations about producing your own food and reflect on food production and consumption in this nation and share your observations and reflections. These are broad topics that lend themselves to visits to meet other authors/bloggers, etc., and share your thoughts about that, too.

    As a result of this ongoing reflection, you've built commuity, you have grown and changed, and so so, perhaps, has the purpose of your blog. The community is interesting, and real -- distant, perhaps, but real, and occasionally, not that far distant. We should be celebrating this blog as a means of bringing people together, when it seems the majority of citizens are looking for just the opposite.

  5. Thanks, Ali! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels its a real community. :)


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