This year, we've had very little snow so far, and lots of gloomy days, making the dark side of the calender seem even darker than usual.  VERY glad to celebrate the light returning.

Yesterday they sun kept trying to burn through the clouds, but only managed it at the very end of the day.  The sun set at 4:25 in the afternoon, not even 9 hours after rising.

I don't mind winter, actually looking forward to snowshoeing and tromps on the ice.  The coldest weather is to come, but there's something about those frigid sunny days here up North in January and February, you can still feel the sun getting stronger, little by little.  

Back home we lit a fire in the mud oven, and watched the flames from the house while we had a simple meal from the gifts of summertime. 

Tomorrow will be 5 seconds longer!

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