I've had somewhat of a dumpling thing lately. It started with too-tired nights after canning or yard work, and we abandoned dinner plans and ordered takeout.  But after a few orders, the expense (and a few cold potstickers) made us thing we really should be able to do this, right?  And after a trial run, we made a bunch this weekend to freeze, so hopefully lazy nights will now be filled with fresh hot dumplings, for less money and time than ordering out.

One revelation was the use of the pasta machine for rolling.  WAY faster than rolling out 40+ little balls of dough, and the thickness is nice and even. 

The recipe for wrappers and filling came from Bittman (How to cook everything).  We used ground pork with leeks, scallions, tatsoi and chives from the hoop.  Flavoring is ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine.

This site had excellent instructions on shaping the dumplings, so I won't bother repeating it!  We also use her recipe dipping sauce, which is awesome. We may try the shrimp version next time.

One problem:  it's hard not to eat too many the first night, but we do have a bag full in the freezer for the next craving or two...

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  1. I absolutely have to try these. We love dumplings, and I've been too guilty of the takeout option over the past 6 crazed weeks. I wouldn't mind so much given how crazy it has been, but they aren't that good!

    I do buy Trader Joe's frozen dumplings for these kinds of dinner emergency's, but I've been out of those, so I need to give these a try. And I have a little tatsoi left in the hoophouse.


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